October, 2014

Dean's Corner

Dean Continuing Education
I was talking to my doctor and he mentioned that he was going out of town for some specialized training.  My doctor has been a physician for many years.  I was inspired that he was eager to learn new ways to improve his practice.  This brings me to the main subject for this months' newsletter ... TRAINING.  We have seven new training videos.  Five of them are complete revisions and we've added two new ones.

The five that have been redone are the OverviewQuick StartBasic SearchesAdvanced SearchesPrint, Save, & Email documents.  The two new videos cover PDF Readers and
How To Match A Floor Plan To A Street Address.  Interwoven are tips and tools that will apply not only to The Inside Tract, but to other programs you use in your profession.

Every day the Ask Dean feature on our website brings many questions.  Inquiries include:  How do I search by model?  How can I find a comparable?  What do the numbers on the site plan mean?  How can I determine where all the 3 bedroom models are located?  The answer to these questions and many more are covered in these seven videos.

Recently, two REALTOR® friends of mine went to Las Vegas to see the Mike Ferry seminar.  The four days they spent there helped rejuvenate them and sent them home inspired to put into action some of the new things they were taught.  The wonderful thing about training is the opportunity to learn something new and useful.  The benefit to our training is that you don't have to pay for transportation and you don't have to spend a whole day to do it.  Just schedule five minutes in your busy day and play one of our videos.  If you missed a point in a video, play it again.

Many of the questions on our Ask Dean link are now answered in these tutorials.  So here's a teaser question: did you know that you can turn on "tools" in Adobe Reader and capture a floor plan or small area of a PDF document and paste it to a flier or other document?  It is incredibly easy to learn.  Just watch the videos.

So, like my smart Doctor, enhance your learning process.  Click on any one of the videos…they're right on our home page at www.insidetract.net

Floor Plans and Map Pages Printing Black

Adobe PluginI have been waiting for some time now for a telephone call from Google to inform me that they completely changed the way Chrome displays PDF documents.  I doubt I'll ever get the call.  A couple months ago, Google, without telling anyone, put their PDF reader in Google Chrome and disabled the Adobe Reader.  This caused issues for some of our customers by having the printed pages come out black.

Needless to say it was extremely frustrating until we figured out how to deal with the issue.  If your page prints black, the solution is simple.  On The Inside Tract Login page, just above the login window, you will find easy instructions for the fix.

Those directions will bring back the Adobe Reader.  It's a one minute fix and we encourage you to do it.  After all it was Adobe Systems John Warnock back in 1991 who outlined a system called Camelot that evolved into PDF.  Adobe made the PDF format free of charge in 1993, but there are still some parts that remain proprietary to Adobe.  Why not stick with Adobe?

New Projects

Aerie - Corona Del MarNEWPORT BEACH
One of the most exciting new projects coming online is Aerie in Corona Del Mar.  It's an ultra-luxury seven unit condominium development.  It's been more than 10 years in the making.  It is located at the curve in the road where Carnation meets Ocean Boulevard.  I think future owners, if they squint, will be able to see Hawaii.  Demolition of the dilapidated 15 unit apartment complex currently on the site is scheduled before Labor Day.  Each new unit will be 3,000 to 6,500 Square Feet - see www.insidetract.net/documents/aerie-cdm.pdf

A 90,000 square foot office building in Central Park West, a master planned development in Irvine, has been taken off the drawing board.  Word is that the space at the corner of Jamboree and Michelson will be changed to residential.  From what we read, the entire corridor from Jamboree to Von Karman and down to Mac Arthur is headed towards high rise residential.  Of course it will be many years in the making.

The Irvine Company is up to some more good! The company announced that it plans to donate 2,500 acres near Anaheim Hills and East Orange.  Originally that parcel was to hold 5,500 homes and is called Santiago Hills II.  There will still be about 1,000 homes built and that's what keeps us going.

The remaining lots at Pacifica San Juan, a housing project inland from Interstate 5 has been put on the market by Lehman Brothers Holdings.  There are still 318 lots to be developed.  Other projects in the master community include: Belle Cliff, Blue Harbor, Sea Country and Coastline.  We have these plans although they are not yet in the program.  Subscribers may request them using the Ask Dean feature.

This month, we wish you a Happy Halloween with a lot of business treats.

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