April, 2012

What's New
Inside Tract News FeedGood News!

We are beginning to see more positive than negative stories in the news:

Also, we have been getting an increase in desperate last minute phone calls from Realtors who need a Floor Plan immediately!  This, too, is a sign that the real estate market is improving. A word to to wise:  Don't wait.  Order your Premium Reports now!

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Tips 'n' Tricks

You are looking at the Floor Plan for the subject property but the garage is on the wrong side.  What gives?  Often builders will build the reverse of a plan to add variation to the tract or to better fit the lot.  We know it can be difficult to figure out the reverse plan.  So we have added a Flip button next to the Plan name.  Unfortunately, we couldn't figure a way to unflip the words.

Featured Tract
Dean Rathbun, Sr. Imperial Heights

We have just added the Imperial Heights tract in Anaheim Hills (Area Code 77).  This is a small project with only 11 homes and was built by Sheffield Homes. There are 5 plans that range from 2,047 sq.ft. to 3,369 sq.ft.  Two plans have 5 bedrooms and 4 of the 5 plans have 3-car garages.

Back to work . . . See you next month.

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