January, 2012

What's New
Happy New Year!Premium Members will now be able to do Advance Searches for Tracts and Models.  This is a great tool!  Appraisers use it to identify comparable tracts or models.  Real estate agents use it for BPO's or CMA's and more.  It's very easy to use.  Simply login to http://www.insidetract.net/members/index.cfm - click on Orange County and in the Main Search box, enter a City, Zip Code, Area Name or Area Code and click "Go."  Premium Members will now see 2 new buttons, Advanced Tract Search and Advanced Model Search.  Click on one of these buttons, enter your criteria in the form and then click either the Get Tracts or Get Models button, depending on your search.  You will then see a list of tracts or models that meet your criteria.  These tools are available at no extra charge only to Premium Members.  You can become a Premium Member for as little as $30.  Order Now!
Tips 'n' Tricks
Often new agents will tell us, "I don't want to be one of those bossy agents that tell their clients what to buy."  True, most people don't like being told what to do. But many buyers really don't know what they want when they begin shopping for a home.  Here are some tips we have learned from our top agents: 
  1. Determine if your client is really ready to buy.  A new agent may be eager to show a client every listing in town.  A top agent can't afford to waste time.
  2. Determine what your buyer is qualified to buy.  A new agent may merely ask buyers what they can afford only to find out later that they do not qualify for that amount.  Top agents require buyers to be prequalified by a lender before they ever begin looking for a home.
  3. Limit the number of houses you show.  Most top agents will spend the time to determine the "must-have" features their clients need.  Then, they show their buyers only those listings having those features.
Many of our top agents print out a Floor Plan before going out.  They staple their business card to the Floor Plan, give it to the buyer and use it as a reference for each house they see.  Floor Plans can be valuable tools when used effectively.  Make it your New Year's Resolution to increase your productivity by using Floor Plans from The Inside Tract.
Featured Tract
Dean Rathbun, Sr.The Strand at the Headlands in Dana Point offers custom lots in a new gated community.  It is located on the ocean side of Pacific Coast Highway between Selva Road and Shoreline Drive.  The Headlands itself is a 121.3 acre site with scenic and natural features including sheer coastal bluffs.  The Strand is just down the coast from Salt Creek Beach, the Ritz Carlton Hotel and Niguel Shores and a stone's throw from Dana Point Harbor.  To do a quick search for The Strand, enter "STRN" as the Tract Code.  Check out The Strand today.  Members Click Here   Non-Members Click Here